hello again!

Truthfully, I have this blog since 6 years ago, but I did not share it in anywhere because the contents are just my random thoughts and i’ll keep some of them :D. It’s been a while since my last post though there were so many things happened in the last three years. From now on, I’ll try to remember those and share it here. For clues, there will be stories about scholarship, study abroad, and trips.

Actually I know nothing about writing, so all I want to do here is to share what i’ve been through but it’s not that I know many things either. Well, see you in the next post! 😀


2013 and grateful

Almost a year i’ve been worked in this company. Worked at site project for 8 month, checked all the building, gratefully the site was in Bandung. And now i’ve been placed at main office. Jakarta. Worked in the same line with my study, architecture design.

Here, i promised to move on, leave all my comfort zone in Bandung, start something new and look for someone new.

oh, i’ve spent new year eve 2013 at the sweetest moment and place with close friends. love it. hope this is the beginning of all lovable moment for a year ahead. just be grateful for all the life and hope for all the best thing in this year..